Our insurance customers are usually looking for time sensitive deliveries that are fast and cost effective.  We offer a variety of services that will fulfill these criteria.  Our Hot Rush, is the quickest service door to door. We also offer Value Rush, Discount Rush and Same day service.  These services are excellent when you want only one driver being in control of your shipment. No hand or machine sortation, no passing it off to another driver like other carriers do.

Along with your urgent shipping requirements, there are the general office deliveries that may still be needed.  With our mail delivery service we can pick up your inbound mail from Canada Post as well as drop off your outbound mail at Canada Post at the end of the day so that either your staff don’t need to do this or you can get your mail earlier in the morning. Our mail metering service also helps keep your staff doing what they do best and saves their time, you money and no postage meter contract.  Call for more information.

Our interoffice and same day delivery keeps your processes going and saves money using Crown’s drivers. No need to have the extra liability of your staff on the road.

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